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All About Cars:

Tips for Preparing Your Car to be Raffled

Preparing a car of any vintage to be raffled amounts to a transfer of ownership. In this instance, however, the proceeds are going to a good cause. Just the way you'd want to get a good price, you want to generate lots of ticket sales. All the points that apply to preparing a car for sale, apply to the pre-raffle process. Make sure you've taken care of the following:

  • Have the car assessed by a mechanic and repair any issues he discovers.
  • Test (and if necessary, repair) the interior systems, in particular the heating and cooling and the audio unit.
  • Clean up the engine so when someone opens the hood, they feel they're getting a machine in good condition.
  • Make sure all fuses are working. Change the filters and top off the fluids.
  • Check the tires. They need to be in good shape with adequate, safe tread.
  • If the inspection is due within a month or two, have it done anyway. (Not all states allow early inspections, so if you can't tend to this chore, make sure the winner knows the inspection due date is coming up.)
  • Clean thoroughly inside and out. Consider a professional detailing and a nice coat of wax.
  • Don't forget to clean the trunk and make sure there's nothing under or behind the seats.
  • Leave some sort of air freshener or neutralizer in the car for a week to ten days before the raffle. The night before, spritz a little "new car" smell inside.
  • Have all the paperwork in order and know what needs to be done to complete the transfer of title. (Organize these in a nice folder you can hand over with the keys.)
  • If possible provide documentation of any work or repairs done over the life of the vehicle. (If the car has been in an accident and repaired by your car insurance provider, let the winner know. Include this with the other paperwork at time of transfer.)

The trick in preparing any car for raffle is to make it look and run like someone's dream machine. Early in the process your car will probably be photographed to advertise the raffle. Be sure to place it in a setting that shows it off to its full advantage and says to the potential ticket buyer, "Get behind the wheel of this baby and adventure lies ahead." People love to win, especially to win something they really want. Make the car an object of desire, and your raffle is guaranteed to be a success.

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