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The Endowment for the Growth of Giving
The NestEGG Giveaway!

Buy a ticket, Win a loft, and Live like a Chief! Buy a $25 ticket for a chance to win a beautiful loft in downtown Kansas City in the Western Auto Building on Grand Boulevard, and get the opportunity to help several of your favorite Kansas City Chiefs raise funds for their charities, an urban core homebuyer's initiative, Good Samaritan Project, and 37 Forever - The Joe Delaney Foundation. Please visit our website at http://www.bigegg.org/ today for details.

The NestEGG Giveaway

  Visit  http://www.bigegg.org/  
  Winner need not be present to win

The NestEGG Giveaway!

To purchase tickets, please log on http://www.bigegg.org and you can purchase your ticket online.

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